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How we use cookies

When you visit our website we use cookies. Cookies store information about you using small files which are sent to us by your computer or another access device. We use cookies to facilitate authentication, presentation and website analytics. Cookies make the interaction between users and websites faster and easier. Without cookies, it would be very difficult for our website to function without problems.

We mainly use cookies because they save time and make your browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable. We also use analytical cookies for the purposes of collecting information about how you use the website, this allows us to make the website better and makes us aware of any errors stopping you from being able to do what you want.

By using our website you’re agreeing to our privacy and cookie policies and use thereof. If you do not agree to such use please see the ‘Managing Cookies’ section below for details on how to adjust your browser settings.

Types of cookies

Session/transient cookies – these cookies only last for the duration of your browsing session and will normally be deleted by your browser when you close it.

Authentication cookies – these are cookies specific to know if a user is logged in or not.

Persistent/permanent cookies – these types of cookies are stored on the user’s computer and are not deleted when the browser is closed.

Flash cookies/local shared objects – Adobe Flash may store small files from websites on your computer, these files are known as local shared objects or Flash cookies and can be used for the same purposes as regular cookies. For more information visit the Adobe website.

Analytical cookies – these cookies help us understand how our customers are using the website so we can make things better. For more information visit the Google Analytics website.

Third party cookies – these are cookies set by a separate domain to the website you’re looking at. For example, third-party cookies can be present when embedding YouTube videos on our website or use payment gateways, like PayPal, for our online ticketing. We don’t control the setting of these and accept no liability in connection with any third-party cookies.

Managing Cookies


Each browser has different options to manage cookies on your computer or device. These settings can be modified to prevent cookies from being accepted and some browsers can be configured to provide an alert when a website is attempting to place a cookie on your browser. Most browsers can also be configured to allow first-party cookies but prevent third-party cookies.

If you choose not to allow cookies from our website you’ll still be able to browse our website but your experience won’t be as good. Without cookies, you may not be able to use certain aspects of the website. Blocking cookies might prevent some pages from displaying correctly.

You can find more information about cookies and how to manage them here on the Microsoft website.

Information we hold

If you are a client of Assurance and Reliability Boiler Repairs Wigan we may hold the following details about you:

Information about who you are, such as your name, address, telephone number, email address.

How we use your information


The main uses of your data are:

To administer & manage your enquiry, and to bill you for the services we provide to you as one of our customers.

To provide you with the services we have agreed to deliver to you.  

To communicate with you about job details. deadlines, such as domain name renewal notification.

To promote your business by listing your information on relevant directory websites, as part of the SEO (search engine optimisation) work you are paying us to undertake

Sharing your details


We will nor share your information with other parties, purely for Assurance and Reliability Boiler Repairs Wigan use only.  

Information about you may be used by Assurance and Reliability Boiler Repairs Wigan for all purposes necessary for performing our contract with you.

With other organizations

We never share information with third party providers outside of the reasons stipulated above.

We will never sell, pass on or circulate your details, including your email, to any third party.

Security of your personal information


Assurance and Reliability Boiler Repairs Wigan takes your privacy very seriously and has a range of policies, processes and technical measures in place to safeguard your personal information. We endeavour to protect all information we hold about you by ensuring that we have appropriate security measures in place to prevent unauthorised access, the information being lost, destroyed or damaged. For instance, we conduct audits to monitor our compliance with Information Security and data protection requirements.

Where a third party “data processor” is used to do things on our behalf, we ensure that they operate under contractual restrictions with regard to confidentiality and security, in addition to their obligations under the Data Protection Act.

Personal information you provide to us is kept for as long as is reasonably necessary. We have implemented appropriate security to protect the personal information you disclose to us from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.


Communications in connection with your business relationship with us may be sent by email. For ease of use and compatibility, communications will not be sent in an encrypted form unless you require it and provide the certification to enable us to communicate with you in that way. Email unless encrypted is not a fully secure means of communication.


Keeping your information up to date

From time to time you may need to update your contact or business related details. It is your responsibility to inform us of any such changes or updates.

Freedom of Information


Assurance and Reliability Boiler Repairs Wigan does not fall under the Freedom of Information act as Assurance and Reliability Boiler Repairs Wigan is not a public authority.

Subject Access Requests


In line with principle 6 of the data protection act 1998 you can ask for the information that we hold on you. For a Subject Access Request to be valid, we must receive this in writing and we have 30 calendar days to respond to your request. We reserve the right to charge a fee for any requests made.



We will never sell your information, share or give any information to external companies for their own marketing purposes.


If you wish to change any permissions you have given us, or request deletion of any permissions or data we hold about you, you can do so by contacting us in writing or on the email given below:


Retaining your Information


If you provide us with your personal information, we will keep the information for as long as is necessary to comply with data protection or legal obligation or for audit purposes. If you cease to become a client of Assurance and Reliability Boiler Repairs Wigan, we may retain your information for up to 3 years so that we can conduct research and in case you decide to come back to us at a later date.